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We offer custom tub and shower liners to fit over your existing fixtures.  This allows us to give your
bathroom an updated and modern look in 1-2 days instead of waiting weeks to tear out & replace.  There
are many styles and colors to choose from.  We also reface your existing vanity and add new tops if
desired.  We will also replace your toilet.  This can be done for a small fraction of the cost of replacing!
What is a Bathtub Liner?

A tubliner is a new bathtub custom-made to fit perfectly over an existing tub.  It is manufactured using a
sheet of co-extruded DR/ABS (Durable Rubber Acrylic/Acrylanytril Butadine Styrene).  The acrylic portion of
the product, the DR is the top 10% of the sheet.  It is pigmented a solid color then modified for a high-
impact surface.  The ABS is the bottom 90% of the sheet.  Like the DR, it is also pigmented.  ABS is used
because it is rigid, yet capable of flexibility.

Using a process called co-extrusion, a single sheet is manufactured by combining both materials
simultaneously.  It is not like laminating, which is heat-bonding two pieces together.  Laminated goods
may separate or peel especially in the hot humidity found in the bathroom.  With different length capacity,
assorted colors, and the variety of molds ready at the manufacturing facility, there are thousands of tub
styles available.  Every tubliner has an NAHB approved slip-resistant bottom.

With its durable surface, DR/ABS will not chip, crack, or scratch easily or peel.  It is also easy to clean;
with proper care, it will retain its gloss for many years.  DR/ABS is a non-organic compound and is not
affected by most acidic drain cleaners.  A list of recommended cleansers is available.  If improper
cleansers are used, damage can occur and void the manufacturer’s warranty.  Keep in mind, the less
effort expended in scrubbing the bath area, the better the DR/ABS acrylic will look!

Tubliners are custom formed to fit the tubs in your customers' homes.  Made of DR/ABS, the acrylic
tubliner is both durable and scratch resistant. A formed slip resistant pattern (FSR) is molded into each
tubliner.  Liners ordered for commercial applications include an applied slip-resistance (ASR) on the
FSR. Available in 4 solid colors (Alabaster White, Sandshell Beige, Quarry Topaz and Platinum Grey) and
3 lengths - 4 1 /2', 5', and 5 1 /2'.

Formed Skirts
The standard skirt on a our tub liner is flat and free of any decorative designs. In certain cases where the
protrusion of the existing tub goes out further than the sidewalls, one of the following tub skirt options will
allow us install the liner without any of the unfinished edges of the tubliner showing.

Andes Skirt
We can maintain the classic look of tubs that have skirts that angle sharply on the sides to a flat front,
and have decorative lines on the skirt. It has a 1 ½” offset.

Borneo Skirt
The Borneo skirt curves outward in the middle and bends inward on either side, along with a decorative
treatment on the front of the skirt.

Cascade Skirt
Brand new! The Cascade skirt gently curves inward at the sides has one decorative line on the skirt, and
has a 2” offset.

Everest Skirt
The Everest formed skirt is a plain front formed skirt that also curves gently inward at both sides of the
tub. It has a 1 ½” offset.

Decorative Skirts
In some installs, there may be obstructions to pulling the back end of the skirt out in order to drop the
tubliner, forcing you to make an angular cut on the skirt.  Our Decorative Skirts are formed components
that are glued over the area where the tubliner is cut awayto complete the installation.  The Canyon style
slopes inward from both sides to the center of the tub, and the Tripoli has three formed rectangles set
horizontally in the middle of the skirt. Also available are the Dakota and Roma skirts (not pictured).  The
Decorative Skirts are available in any tub or wall color.
Why tear out an existing shower pan or break up that old, ugly terrazzo shower floor when we can
custom mold shower pans, frames, and floors for you?

Shower Pans
Shower pans are used with existing pans.  They may be fiberglass, cement, terrazzo, or cultured marble,
and typically have a lip that slopes to the pitch of the pan.  The existing base must be free of cracks and
structural defects in order to be covered with a custom molded pan.  The pans are formed from 3/16"
material and are available in a wide variety of sizes.  Shower pans come in Alabaster White, Sandshell
Beige, Quarry Topaz, Mauve Quartz, and Platinum Grey.

Shower Frames
Shower frames are molded for any shower that does not fit a standard pan size nor has an off-centered
drain.  A custom mold frame is fabricated at the factory and the shower liner is then thermoformed with
3/16" material.  

Shower Floors
Shower floors go over existing tile or terrazzo bases only that do NOT have a lip around the sides.  We
provide a flat floor, pitched to the drain, in an oversized sheet (48" x 64") with a slip-resistant pattern that
is cut to fit the floor and makes for a very straightforward install.

A wide variety of sizes and colors help you customize your bathroom, from tall ceilings to odd shaped
walls to wainscoting.    

Simulated Tile Panel System
For those that prefer the look of tile, we offer acrylic panels that are molded with a tile pattern.  Simulated
tile panels are available in a 4" square pattern, a 6 x 8 pattern, or a striking 12" square pattern. This is a
smooth surface "tile".  Simulated tile is available only in Alabaster White, Quarry Topaz, or Sandshell
Beige in a 95" height.

Raised Panel System
A seven-piece raised panel system called the Mediterranean looks great with the addition of a tower
caddy in each corner - it gives the bath area a nice columnar appeal.

Beautiful wainscoating panels are available for your bathroom walls.  See picture at left.

Soap Dishes
There are several types and sizes of soap dishes to accommodate your wishes.  All come in colors to
match the wall surrounds.  We offer you the ability to customize your bathing area by placing your soap
dishes where they are most convenient – placed high for those who shower, and/or low for the bather
and children in the family.

Nile: A standard size soap dish that is recessed – mounted in wall.  6” wide by 7” high, and 2” deep.
Tigris: A standard size soap dish that is surface mounted.  6” by 5” wide.
Congo: A recessed mounted double high soap dish.  8” wide by 15” high, and 3” deep.
Amazon: A recessed mounted double high, double wide soap dish.  14” wide by 15” high and 3 7/8”
Foot Pedestal
Created to help with shaving in the shower, it has been proven effective with any need to support legs in
the shower.  It is surface installed at the position most comfortable to lift the leg (typically just above
knee level).

Niagra Shelf
The Niagra Shelf is surface mounted making custom accessory placement a breeze!  At 2” deep by 15”
wide, it easily holds soap and bottles both, and placed in any location that the customer wants.

Rhine Shelf
A single shelf unit that is flush-mounted.  Designed for corner placement at a height that is most
convenient for the customer.  4” high by 7” across the shelf.

Hudson Corner Caddy
A double shelf corner unit that is also designed for corner placement.  23” tall by 11” across the front of
the shelf.

Rio Grande Tower Caddy
A triple shelf unit 84” tall by 7” across each shelf for tub systems only.  The higher shelf area is perfect
for shampoo bottles – it’s also great for those who object to the corner sealant “seam”.  

Neva Corner Shower Seat
The Neva corner seat is a healthy 18” across, making it a great accessory and safety feature for the
shower.  It is 13” high and sets on the lip of the shower to add to the total height of the seat.  With the
rigidized backing, it is a very sturdy shower component.  The design will complement any décor.  
Available in tub colors only.

Safety Grab Bar
Grab bars meet all ADA, HUD, and handicapped code standard.  They are available in 12”, 16”, and 24”
lengths.  Be sure to locate studs before installing wall system as the grab bars are installed stud-to-
stud.  Typically, the 12” bars are installed vertically, the 16” bars horizontally, and the 24” at an angle.  
Solid colors only.

Bowed Curtain Rod
The bowed shower rod curves inward at the side walls of the tub area to create a water barrier to help
prevent leaks, and curves outward at the middle of the tubliner inches beyond the rail providing much
more arm and elbow space (up to 6”) than traditional shower rods.  The design also allows humid air to
flow out more freely, not trapping harmful bacteria as readily as typical bathtub alcoves.  The stainless
steel finish matches the popular nickel and pewter finishes beautifully.  Available in chrome, stainless
steel, brass, and in white by special order.

Showerite Doors
Quality bathtub and shower doors from Showerite are available in many glass types, glass designs, and
frame colors, in both stock and custom sizes to enclose virtually any bath area.  All Showerite doors
have the EZ clean bottom track system that provides a stable panel glide and requires minimal

Window Kit
The patented window kit comes in four pieces.  After removing the existing woodwork around the
window, the kit is easily installed.
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